Oct 032012
It is possible to work at home for free and make money but you don’t want to fall for all the hype and schemes and scams.  There is a lot of information here but I encourage you to read through it all to avoid being scammed while looking for a way to make money at home.

One big claim is that you can get paid to take surveys.  This is true!  You can make money by taking surveys but you won’t make a living and you won’t make hundreds of dollars a day doing it.  When I was looking for free work at home paid surveys I actually did a lot of research and fell for one of the paid survey lists that ask you to pay a membership fee.  Bad idea!
Because of that I put together a  free survey list to protect others.   At www.katieshugs.com we actually have three lists.  You can click on any of the survey links to the right,  You can join our message board and use the Big list of paid surveys or you can visit our sister site at Its Free And Fun

If you are looking for an actual free work at home job visit our forum at It’s Free and Fun and check the free work at home section or click on any of the work at home lists on the right.  You will find lists of companies hiring for free work at home jobs and daily job listings as well.  These are all companies who do require you to fill out an application and interview. Be sure to have your resume ready!

You can also make some extra money with mystery shopping.  Again, we aren’t talking about thousands of dollars a week and you never have to a buy a list of mystery shopping companies.

Another free work at home opportunity is through affiliate marketing.  You build a website and then put up advertisements from other companies.  These companies will pay you a commission whenever someone clicks through your advertisement and makes a purchase.  A fun free work at home job!

The most sought after free work at home job for wahm’s (work at home moms)  is telecommuting   Telecommuting means that you work from home for someone else.  It is just like a regular job but you don’t have to leave your home to go to work.

While you are here be sure to visit and join us at  It’s Free and Fun!  our free work at home messge board.  You will find all the freebies have been moved there and it has even been expanded to included great deals and steals as well!

All the parents and caregivers will also want to visit our fun places for kids page.  Here you will find a lot of online games for preschoolers and kids of all ages.  They are all safe and fun places for your kids to visit online and play games.  Free work at home!